Hotel Transylvania 2


It's been three years since we last saw the Drac Pack, and now they're back in the all-new sequel to the 2012 original hit comedy. After getting married, Johnny and Mavis are happy together, but seven years later, a new arrival becomes part of the family: a half-human/half-vampire baby boy called Dennis (Denisovitch in Transylvanian). Unfortunately, due to the dangerous environment, the worried new mom suggests that Dennis would be safer in Johnny's hometown of California, as Drac believes his grandson may never develop vampire powers by his fifth birthday. And to make things far worse, an impromptus visit from Dracula's very, very old human-hating father, Vlad causes things to get a little "out of claw".



Genndy Tartakovsky

Release Date:

9/25/15 (U.S.A)

Run Time:

89 min